Thursday, November 22, 2012

Re-reading books

My first post on this blog will be about re-reading. I am a person who almost never re-reads books, so if I re-read a book that already means it must be a book I really enjoyed. The last few years I have started to read so much more than before, but strangely I started re-reading less books. When I was younger I re-read book like Harry Potter and I liked re-reading these books. Now i am reaidng so much more books in a year, but I almost never re-read books, strangely I feel like re-reading books is a waste of my time, but when I do re-read books I do enjoy them. I think this is actually strange and I wonder why I am not re-reading books more often, so now I try to re-read some more books. I think in the last year I only re-read 7 books, 5 of which belong to the same series, but more about that later. Those other two books were:

 The Gathering is the first book in the Darkness Rising series by Kelley Armstrong. I don't have many favourite authors, but Kelley Armstrong is one of them. The reason why I re-read this book was because the second book was just releashed and I wanted to re-read the first book, because I had read it a year ago and was afraid I forgot too much. So I re-read the book. I enjoyed it even more than the first time I read it and I think it was great to re-read it before starting the second book, I may just re-read the first two books before the third book will be releashed this April.

Make Me Yours is the second book written by Kendall Ryan and it is a sort of a sequel to Unravel Me, but can also be read as a stand alone. I beta readed this, but the author wanted me to write my review based on the final version. I already wrote my review and it wasn't that long ago that I beat read it, so I decided to not read it yet. Then I had one day with nothing to read, because the next day I would start a buddy read and I decided to pick it up and within one day I re-read the book, rewrote my review and gave the book 5 stars instead of 4.

So now more about those other 5 books I have re-read. Those 5 books ofcourse are the 5 books of the Fever series. As I said before I don't have much favourite authors and I don't have much favourite series, maybe I should explain my reasons for this more toroughly in a later post, but I love the fever series and can easily say it's one of my favourite series.

I read the last 3 books in the Fever series at the beginning of this year and already re-read them less than a year later. Also I bought the e-book version for this re-read because I didn't want to damage my paperback more by re-reading them.  And guess what I even enjoyed them more the second time I read them. The fever series is a series in which some plot lines take time and only after a while you find out where it's all about. And when I re-read this series I already knew what was going to happen, it added an entirely different perspective to the series. I am really glad I re-read this series. So now why do I still haven't read Iced (the 6th book in the Fever series)? Partly because I am afraid it isn't as good as the first 5 books and partly because I hope it will be as good and I like knowing I still have such a good book to read. Yeah I know I am strange.

So I really don't get why I don't re-read books more often, because as all these 7 books I have re-read in the last year I enjoyed them and even liked some of them better during the re-read then while I first read them. So what are your opinions and experiences with re-reading books? I would love to hear if you re-read books often or not and which book you do re-read and why.


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