Monday, November 19, 2012

Welcome to GReeps Through the Shelves


You’re probably wondering what and who we are? Well, we are the GReeps.  A group of women joined together by our love of well written books, characters you can’t let go of, and the fun of sarcasm.  This will definitely not be a blog for the weak hearted.

There are ten writers total, working on a rotating schedule. So expect something different every day.
Starting your weeks off on Monday, you will either have Britt or myself.  Tuesdays you will have Krista or Emma. Wednesdays will be Kate or Renee and Thursdays are Lolita and Ashley. Then Sonnie and Jen finish our weeks on Fridays.

We might mix and mingle a bit, but that is pretty much the order we will post in.  So if you have a favorite blogger, you can follow them or enjoy us all.

So by now, you are probably wondering what the heck a GReep is.  Well, we all met on, making us GoodReads Peeps which = GReeps.  

Now imagine ten very different female personalities and you get us, the GReepers that will be blogging for your entertainment.   Some of us are mommies, some of us are dating, some of us live on the USA side of the pond, some of us do not.  Some of us are writers, but we are all readers.

I guess all that is left to say in this welcoming post is: 
Hello! Welcome to our blog.  

Don’t forget to visit the About Us Page to get to know all of us more personally. It is still a work in progress but check back frequently to learn more about each of us.

Let the chaos begin!


  1. Great post Emmalee!

    GReeper Jen here saying a quick hi to everyone...hi!! :)

    I'll see you all on Nov 30th when my post goes up.

  2. GReeper Krista popping in to comment on your most excellent intro, M. Let the games begin!

  3. And may the odds be ever in your favor ;)

    Go GReeps! :) Nice one M

  4. Great Start M!
    x GReeper Renée

  5. Yay! The first blog post is here! Greeper Lolita already scheduled her post for thursday!

  6. Check check, do I now have a picture instead of that stupid B?

  7. Great job M!

    Good luck GReeps... looking forward to following this blog!