Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: The Game - Krystyna Kuhn

Title: The Game (The Valley #1) 
Author: Krystyna Kuhn
Genre: Young Adult
Format: paperback, bookdepository
Publication date: June 2012
Languages: German, Dutch, English, Spanish, etc

Summary from Goodreads:

The famous Grace College, located in a remote valley in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is an elite school for the highly gifted. To Julia and her brother, it's the perfect place to hide.

But when Robert finds a dead body in their first week they'll learn they can only run so far from their past. And that the valley has secrets of its own... 

When you meet Julia and her brother Robert, you feel a slight tingly warning traveling down your spine. I liked Julia immediately, but also realized that she and Robert carried a terrible secret... one that we readers are not told about. Of course, after a few hints throughout the book I think a lot of readers will know what their secret it. I did. But my sister didn't, so I guess it depends on how you read a book. (I am one of those people that get one million ideas and slowly start crossing them off of my until I feel like I know what the mystery or the secret it). My sister isn't like that, she just goes with the flow. Wish I could read so relaxed.

But Grace College! That place creeped me out, but at the same time I also really liked it. I love how Krystyna Kuhn describes it, sure strange things happen.. but those mountains sound super pretty. The school might be cold and creaky, but it sounds beautiful. The power goes out at strange times, people screaming on school grounds and creepy midnight meetings/parties/whatever. A group of students has disappeared in the past. Plus, the school is not on Google Maps. How freaking weird is that? But Julia and Robert think they'll be safe there. So whatever they're running from is even scarier then some sort of secret school.

I love this cover. I have the Dutch one, which is not as pretty. Did you know that the original title is 'Das Spiel'? That's right! This is a German book, people! So, buy your copy and get in your mysterious-mode and be wowed! Cause this book knows how to scare you, how to keep you on your toes and how to keep it fast paced. 
The ending of the book is satisfying, but we still don't know everything. But hey, this is probably gonna be a 5 book series, so Krystyna Kuhn can't give all of the secrets away!

I rated it 4 out of 5 stars! Is this a book you might consider reading?

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  1. Ooooh sounds good Emma... all creepy and mysterious etc.. Great review! :)