Monday, December 17, 2012

Indoor Snowballs

Alright, so I might be the resident author, but that doesn't mean all I do is write.

I also really like to craft, so please do not mind me as I hijack the blog for a non-book related blog post. 

I am a mom as well as everything else, and I live where it is cold for a few months every year, and by cold I do not mean put on a coat and you are okay. I mean snow-pants, big coat, hat, mittens, two pairs of socks, boots, a second hat...etc.   

My kids are still pretty young, and I am not a big play in the snow person. I really do not like being cold. So I came up with an easy alternative to the traditional winter snowball fight.

We made indoor snowballs. 

Yes, that is right, we have big snow battles in my house, mostly in the living room, but we have been known to pummel people as they walk through the front door unsuspecting the snow war that is about to be bestowed upon them.

And it's fun for all ages!  My grandma got into the fun a few years ago on Christmas Eve when we took our snowballs to her house.  We had an all out war that night, cousins, aunts and uncles, my kids, my parents, we were all in on it and it was huge! There was not a safe place in the whole house to hide from it!

How you might ask, do we accomplish this without slush piles all over the inside of the house.

I promise, besides a new askew photo frames we have not damaged anything.  

Its super simple to make these, 
and I am going to share my secret with you.

The two supplies you will need:

A bag of batting (find it in your local walmart in the crafting area or at your local craft store)
Mens white socks. (i bought a ten pack on clearance for like $2.00)

That's it. 

To make the snowballs...

1. Take a handful of batting

2. Cram batting into the toe area of socks

3. Fold extra sock over the "Ball" of batting

4. Tuck the opening around the sock to close it.

5. Repeat four billion more times (or so it feels like) until all your socks are done

6. Once you are done stuffing and folding. Let the snow ball fight begin!!!

The best part... they are washable! I throw mine in the wash with our towels when they get messy from the kids playing to much. 



  1. My grandsons are teenagers now--16 & 19, and were on Little League for years, so when they throw something at you (even in fun, it's a missile. But I love this idea! We do nerf gun battles instead and in the summer, water balloons (we fill TONS of them and hide them in bushes all around the area) for a war. Lots better than snowballs. Too cold!

  2. I never thought of using socks but hubs and I have had marshmallow battles...those suckers can hurt lol!

  3. Wow, that seems like a fairly heavy "snowball"; just a balled up pair of socks can cause breakage. I know the batting doesn't add much but still... You really never break anything with them?

    Sounds fun tho :)