Monday, December 31, 2012

Writing the Year Away

Hey everyone! 

In the last year, I have started writing five different books. I have finished none. My goal was to write three, but I got distracted by lots of really good books that I was reading and chasing after my kiddos. It happens.

But this year, going forth, I will finish writing at least two of those books, and soon.
Its that time of the year to start making goals and sticking to them.

So here goes.

I am going to finish Requiem, Rogue and one of the others that I have started this year. 

That might seem like I am making the same goal as last year, but it's not, last year my goal was to finish editing and publish Neophyte, which I did. Now I am working on getting it picked up by my dream publisher.

By this time next year, Neophyte will be in paper, and I will have three more books for my readers to check out. Mark my words! I am determined!

What goals and resolutions are you committing to tonight?


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