Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What made you start reading

Sorry for both the late post and the fact I missed my first one due to travelling. 
What got you into reading? Was it school, family or like many of us just a really great series that hooked you? For me it was a bit of a combination. I grew up with a love for books due to my mum reading to me and with me when I was young. However for many years I had basically stopped reading. Then I ran into a different fantasy series. While I did not start at the beginning I quickly got addicted to it and still look forward to new books coming out today. The series is the Saga of Recluce by L.E. Modesitt.
Colours of Chaos (The Saga of Recluce, #9)
This is the book I started with, picked it up 'cause it was on sale at the local bookstore. It helped renew my love of reading and I recommend it to those who enjoy long fantasy series filled with politics, intrigue and magic, lots of magic. This is a well-developed world that I just love learning more about. You can start basically anywhere in the series but I do suggest starting at the beginning.

Since then I have found many series that capture my attention and the suggestions from these lovely ladies have made my tbr list unmanageable.

So, what started you and why do you keep on reading?

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  1. I got into reading the same way, Britt. My mom used to read to me. One of my most significant childhood memories is her reading The Lord of the Rings to me when I was about 10. Thirty years later, I still re-read that series every 1-2 years.

    Great post! :)