Monday, February 25, 2013

Moody Monday

This weekend was filled with excitement and fun... now that it's Monday, I am kind of sad. 
Mostly because my DVR did not record Walking Dead, so now I am waiting for it to come on again so I can watch it... how sad!

But I also have some great news.... the WIP I have been working on it done! I wrote the last words of it yesterday afternoon and now today I start the tedious task of editing it and making sure all my duck are aligned in it.   Then I send it off to a few good friends to edit it and then they send it back and I edit it again with their changes and then it starts the long, nerve-wracking task of being submitted to literary agents and small presses.

For those of you keeping watch, I have not heard back from Spencer Hill Press about Neophyte yet, but no news is good news, right?

Anyways, here is a little excerpt from my new book (yes I can finally call it that because it has a beginning, middle and an end!). Remember it's still a rough cut!
Hope you enjoy it!

Dex had gotten out and was sitting by me when he first saw the flashlights.  “Shit. Cops” He muttered.

Then at the same time, we both said in panic. “I can’t get caught.”

He looked at me carefully then stood up. “You know how to swim right?” he asked, pulling me to my feet.

“Yes, of course. I just didn’t….” I didn’t have a chance to finish he was picking me up and throwing me up in the pond. When I came up, I wanted no more than to yell up a storm at him, but he was beside me.

“Swim.” He urged, Bec and Duncan were already swimming toward the other side of the pond away from the lights. It was hard though, all my clothes weighed me down, and I fought them to keep going.

“Hey! The pond is closed, you need to get out of there! You’re trespassing!”  A man yelled from the bank.

“Just swim.” Dex coaxed me on. Fear rippled through me, and he must have sensed it, because he stayed at my side until we reached the bank on the other side.

The pond was only about 100 feet across, and when we made it to the bank, Dex crawled out and reached down and pulled me out easily.  “Come on.”

Duncan and Becs were no where to be found. Dex took my hand, my flip flops forgotten somewhere at the bottom of the pond and pulled me into the brush. “Keep going there is a path a little ways in.” he was whispering in my ear, that’s how close he was to me, and I wasn’t scared, not of him at least.

Once we were on the path, Dex slowed down, we were both drenched, and my pants sloshed with every step, it was so far from being attractive, but he didn’t seem to notice.  He just walked with my hand in his, a simple act, but it was the world for me.  I had never felt such kindness from a man, at least not since I was little.

We met Duncan and Bec where the car was parked, Bec had stripped out of her wet bikini and put on her shorts and tank top, Duncan too was dressed.  The trunk was open and Dex let go of my hand as he grabbed his clothes out of the trunk.

“Here.” He handed me his t-shirt to change into. Quickly though, I was realizing that I had a wet swimsuit on underneath my clothes and no bra or panties.  “You can change out of your wet stuff and we will get out of here.”

I stared at the shirt for a moment.

“We really do not have time to argue about it, and Duncan will not let you in his car drenched.”  Dex stated quietly.

I took the t-shirt, regretting this evening suddenly. How was I supposed to wear nothing but a t-shirt in the company of two men?  I felt like I was somehow cheating on Wyatt even though I had no intention to go back to him ever. After I had walked to where I was sure no one could see me in the dark night, I stripped down, wrung out my hair and slipped on Dex’s t-shirt.  The scent of him surrounded me and I felt my body responding to him, a feeling I don’t think I  had ever felt before, I knew I had never felt this way when I was anywhere near Wyatt.

When I turned back to the others, Duncan and Bec were beside the car, talking quietly. Dex was facing me, I was sure he couldn’t see me though.  His body was lit up by the dome light inside the car, he wore nothing but his jeans which hung low on his hips, showing off the definition of his muscles right down to the ‘v’ that led down into his pants.  I felt my mouth salivate and I blushed, glad he couldn’t see me staring at him.  One arm had a tattoo that started on his chest and went down half of his arm, the other had some words around the top of it.   I just stood there for a moment, watching him, drinking him in with my eyes.

“Anna, you alright?” Bec called into the darkness. “We have to get going before we are found.” That snapped me out of my haze and I walked back over to the others. 

“Yeah.” I tugged at the bottom of Dex’s shirt, it was as long as the average sundress, but it was the fact that I was wearing nothing under it that made me self-conscious. I was afraid that they would be able to tell the reaction that Dex had on me.

Dex walked toward me, "Damn Anna." he muttered under his breath in a slight groan, my eyes widened, his raspy voice doing nothing to calm the pulsing I felt deep in my abdomen. I tugged harder at the bottom of his t-shirt, hoping he couldn’t tell just what his ice blue eyes did to me when they looked at me like I was something he was hunting for dinner. "Relax, it’s not like you’re the first woman I have seen wet before.”

Definitely not prince charming.


Can't wait to share the whole book with you all soon!!!
Now back to the chaos!

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