Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Bookish New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year, friends! What better time than today for listing my bookish new years resolutions, don't you think?

1. Go to BEA. Yes. I will make it there this year. I have already registered, and am looking forward to the planning and strategy sessions with my travel companions. I cannot even put into words how excited I am for this event.

2. Read another 150 books. I set an initial goal of 52 books for 2012. Then, I increased it to 100. Then, to 150. My final total ended up at 154 books read in 2012. I know I can do it again.

3. Read at least one biography this year. I've been hearing about so many good biographies - Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin. I love history, and I love interesting people. So, I'm sure to love a good book written about a fascinating person.

4. Visit several blogs every day. I've been very bad about this this year. There are so many great book review blogs, and so many awesome people writing them. I really need to check them out more.

5. Volunteer for the local library. I took serious advantage of my local library in 2012. It was where, about 75% of the books that I read came from. And, a library card is FREE. It's time I give back as a way to thank them for allowing me to borrow all those books for nothing.


  1. You got some awesome book related resolutions. Since I have my own blog I try to visit other blogs more often, it does take some time, but it is amazing to see what other bloggers are posting!

  2. Those are some pretty awesome resolutions!!