Friday, March 8, 2013

Guess How I Died Winner

Two weeks ago I posted about Pas De Death by Amanda Brice and asked you to guess how I die in the book. Well the contest is over and we have a winner.

I also wanted to share my favorite entry because it made me equally amused and scared when I read it, haha.

Julie @ Bookaroo-Ju said...

"You slip on a blob of ice cream that someone has spilled on the floor of the local ice cream 
parlour and land with your eye impaled on a rather rigid waffle cone."

- - - - -

Pas De Death (Dani Spevak #3) by Amanda Brice
Releases March 22nd!! 

Goodreads Summary:

Aspiring ballerina Dani Spevak is back home in New Jersey for the summer. What was supposed to be a simple day trip into New York City to visit her friends at the Manhattan Ballet Conservatory turns deadly when Dani discovers that the world of professional ballet can be cutthroat - literally.

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Author Links:
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Thanks for reading!
GReep Jen


  1. Heh. I aim to scare--I mean entertain. ;o)

  2. Hahaha yaaay! I am Wendy @ Wall-to-wall books!
    I am so glad to win this book!
    I can't wait to read about my friend Jen being killed off!

    I do like the whole ice cream scenario!

    forevereading at gmail dot com