Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Madness

I am starting to think my sanity is leaving me.

My microwave has a help button... not quite sure what it could actually help with. I am tempted to push it to see if it will clean my house.  Perhaps that is where the cleaning elves have been hiding.  Even the sock elves have taken a vacation, I have found all my sock pairs in the last two weeks. 

Perhaps its the garden gnomes we put in our house plants, they must be the trick to getting the elves to behave, I will wait one more day to see if the cleaning elves fall in line. 

I have been babysitting for my neighbors while one of them is in Jamaica with her friend and the husband is at work.  So I have four kids under the age of 6 for three days this week, and three of them for the other day left this week.  

Last week I had them painting a huge piece of white paper, surprisingly all but a few fingerprints of paint made it onto the paper.  We also made chocolate raspberry cupcakes and managed to completely destroy my house. 

This week, I am spending the week cleaning and reorganizing. I am hosting a baby shower at my house on Sunday, so I also have to make food, and did I mention the four under 6 children I am watching? Yeah this will be fun. 

I am hoping those cleaning elves come visit every night after my kids go to bed, I wouldnt even mind if they made the beds with the kids in them. It would save time really.  

Next week, I am started to scrape all the texture off the walls in my family room so we can repaint it.  

And I want a puppy.  And a purple unicorn.  

My daughter can spell her name, she is two. I am impressed.  My son can add double digit equations.  He is five. Again, I am impressed. 

I have to paint my house this spring. I have never painted the outside of a house, it should be fun, right?

Every night before bed I talk to a fictitious character from the series I am writing, he tells me what to write the next day.  He does not like to be ignored either, when I ignore him, he invades my dreams and makes me dream weird things like mac and cheese houses and alien invasions... I also had a zombie apocalypse dream the other night.

So, after all this rambling, I am still pretty sure I am going crazy.

Hope your Monday isn't so mad.

Maybe I should start wearing hats.



  1. LMAO! M that was one of the best posts ever! Madness is rather wonderful sometimes! Mac and cheese house sounds kind of yummy

    1. Its not yummy, it's terrifying! Especially when you drop through the trap door in the elbow room and fall into a pit of cheesy pinwheels.... and somehow end up in a hot air balloon as the house crumbles apart. It's the strangest reoccuring dream EVER!

  2. Hang in there! But you're pretty amusing when you're losing it:)

    1. Why thank you... I think? I am pretty sure I might start this as a normal thing, especially since most Mondays are just as crazy. You never know what might spew from my brain and onto my computer screen. Yes, I just used the word spew... that's what it feels like... mental word vomit. Digest that one!