Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Welcome to It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading!  This is a great way to plan out your reading week and see what others are currently reading as well… you never know where that next “must read” book will come from!

As part of this weekly meme, Shiela at Book Journey encourages others to visit participating memes, by offering a weekly contest for those who visit 10 or more of the Monday Meme participants and leave a comment telling her how many you visited.  **You do not have to have a blog to participate! You receive one entry for every 10 comments.  Just make sure to post on her blog and tell her how many in the comment area.
She offers a $5 Amazon gift card to the weeks winner.

Hi all! Ashley, here.  In the past this has been Britt's slot, but life tends to happen a little bit harder to her on Mondays than it does the rest of the week... go figure... I'm pretty sure most of us can relate to that.  So, I'm trading spots with her! She'll now be posting on Thursdays.  Make sure to check her out in her new time slot later in the week... in the mean time, I'm starting my inaugural Monday with a meme... yeah, yeah... I wanted to do something extra special too, but I've been on vacation for the past 11 days and didn't get in until after midnight last night.

Just this morning, I started Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson, Book 7) by Patricia Briggs on my drive in.  No worries, as bad a driver as I am, I'm not making it worse by ACTUALLY reading during the drive.  Instead, I'm listening to the audio version of the book via audible.  The narrator is Lorelei King.  I'm not certain whether she has narrated the other Mercy books as I have actually read all of those, but so far I'm enjoying her narration of this installment.

In addition to Frost Burned, I'm also picking at Destroy Me (Shatter Me 1.5) by Tahereh Mafi. It's a novella and I don't have a very good excuse for not having finished it yet.  The major reason is that I don't have much time for independent reading of actual text right now. My social calendar has been wild of late, but that may have to change due to financial considerations in the near future, so maybe I'll get some additional reading done.

Finally, I'm also reading Outlander (Outlander 1) by Diana Gabaldon with my bestie Jessa via skype sessions.  This is a new experience, but one I'm really enjoying.  Most of us have buddy read books before and I'm sure ALL of you fellow parents out there, especially those of you that bother to frequent blogs about books, read to your kids.  This is like that only combined.  Jessa and I are buddy reading the book to each other and O... M... G.... it is such a fun thing to do. We don't always get very far in the book, but oh the conversations that the readings spawn!

She loves it when I try to read in a Scottish accent and I love her running commentary on the events of the book (for her, this is a re-read of her favorite book and let me tell you, girl, you should see the light in her eyes when she reads about Jamie!). If you ever get a chance to read a book like this with one of us, I highly suggest you take it because we are soooooo funny.  Seriously, grab a friend and try some skype reading of your own... it's a great experience!



  1. Thanks again for switching with me Ash! You have a lot going on reading wise right now!! I find the buddy reading you and Jessa are doing right now very entertaining! Glad you're enjoying yourself so much! Love ya girl!

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