Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Madness

Yet another rambling of an ADD author.

Incase you don't know what ADD is, it means I can not concentrate on something for more than.... oh look something shiny.

You know that dog on the Disney movie Up, where every couple minutes he would yell "SQUIRREL"? 

Well that is pretty much me, except with things that flash (The TV) anything shiny (my ring catching the sunlight), noises, things moving, and just anything that happens to catch my eye when I am trying to do something else. 

Cleaning is ridiculously hard.  

I will put something away in one of my kids rooms, then realize something else needs to be picked up, then somehow I will be dusting the bathroom. Then the phone rings so I pace as I talk on it, finding other things to do then the mailman rings the bell and I go to get the package. Then on my way back to my kids room I realize my dishes need to be put in the dishwasher and I have to change laundry loads, so on my way to the basement I sit down and have tea with my two year old and before I know it my hubs is walking through the door wondering what I did all day and why water is boiling on the stove... water I didn't even realize I started for noodles for my kids.

Writing is one of the few things that is pretty easy for me to concentrate on. Until something shiny passes by or my kids run into the room...

Did you know that clown fish are all male until you separate them into pairs... then one will decide to be a female and one will be a male. 

We have a clownfish, we had two actually, but one got sick and had to go back to the pet store to see the "Fish Doctor"  my kids have been naming all our fish after Disney characters. So our clown fish are Jessie and Buzz Lightyear (Buzz is the one who keeps getting sick, so he is away at the "Fish hospital" right now)

We have some weird blue fish named Lightning McQueen. 

I am waiting for Walle, Doug and Kevin.  We have four snails and two hermit crabs that need names.


The hermit kind that live in the fish tank... not the umm.. other kind.

Mother nature is a bitch... yes I said it. So what? Someone has to be honest with her. I woke up yesterday and there was snow on the ground.   ON APRIL 14th!!!  Mother Nature is either going through mentalpause or she is having one wicked case of PMS. 

I want it to be Spring! So that way Summer can come and I can go outside!

I am almost done reading Iron Queen, although because I know the titles to all the books I am pretty sure I know what happens and that bums me out. I hate titles that give the book away by the halfway point.

I will always name my books something elusive. Maybe I will name my next book Bob. Because I can and you can't stop me. And it will be about Fairies in the imaginary world of Bob. But you wont know what happens because Bob means nothing to anyone except that it is a place, that you don't even know about, because it is imaginary and in my head and you cant see it , because technology isn't like the Matrix or any other Sci Fi movie like that.

Who likes Sci Fi? Anyone excited for the new Star Wars movie?  

Did you see the Catching Fire Trailer last night on the MTV awards. I hate that it is just a teaser though, I want the movie NOW!  

The TMI movie looks good too. 

I have a fine at the library that I have to pay, so I can borrow more movies and audio books. 

I should go finish washing the crayon off the walls so we can paint.

Did you know that you can not paint over crayon? The wax in it will just bleed through to the new layer of paint. 

Watching the Little Fockers movie right now. I love these movies. 

We are painting the blue room a move neutral blue color... it is currently electric blue and white and sky blue striped on one wall and then sponge painted in the three colors on the rest of the walls.

I like bright colors but my green room glows at night, so we need to change it. 

Alright, I have rambled long enough.

Back into the realm of chaos.

I have to sew today too.. three baby blankets.

Okay really going, thanks for reading along.

If you have read this far, you should comment with the following things....

1. What book are you reading? (Because this is a book blog afterall)
2. What the weather is like by your house.
3. One goal you have for the week.
4. A random tidbit about yourself.

Until next time!


  1. I also get distracted easily, especially by the tv, which is why I hate it when I come into a house and the tv is always on, because I can't concentrate in anythings else (even though I hate watching tv). I also have the problem that when I am cleaning I just do lots of different stuff and then forget what I was doing in the first place. Okay so I just finished a book called Tur (The Elsker Saga #1.5 ) and it's free for download here: and I am now going to start Elsker which I got for review. It starting to get Spring weather here, it's kinda warm now. I don't really have a goal this week, maybe work on getting a paid job or something like that.

  2. lol!! Awesome M! I get distracted too but I am good at multi-tasking!
    The weather here is disgusting also it was like a blizzard yesterday!!! I want warmth!!