Thursday, April 18, 2013

So lately I've been looking into volunteering again because I could use experience in certain places and more importantly I miss doing it. Helping out others or donating to charities is an amazing thing to do. This thought came up because from April 20-27 is the huge book sale here in Winnipeg and all proceeds go to the Children's Hospital. I've been going to this sale my entire life! I just donated two bags of books and throughout the week I will likely buy just as many to replace them. I have a serious book addiction as I own more books than I will probably ever read! One of these days I will hopefully get onto a reading spree again and get that tbr pile down at least a little bit. But anyways, back to the concept of charities, do any of you have these sales for books for charity or is it only a Winnipeg thing? Also what do you do to help your fellow  people out or what would you do if you could?

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