Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Favourite actors ever

Some male actors sparkle of the screen. And I don’t mean in an Edward way. I mean in that special way. They just have that thing. “What special thing?” I hear you ask. Why is one actor sucky and why do you drool over Johnny Depp? I think everyone sees that sparkle in different actors. Today I want to talk about my favourite actors. Everyone rates their actors differently. I fall for acting abilities and cheeky smiles.

So what’s my top 3?

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I want this guy. He is such a great actor. He played in many amazing movies. All his movies have a certain quality to it. He’s not super sexy. He is not the cheeky guy or the tough guy. But for some reason that makes him even sexier. The way he is on screen, gah! I am so jealous of his acting abilities. 

   2.  Leonardo DiCaprio
I hate this guy. I seriously do. Titanic? Throw up much. Hate that movie. (Sorry guys). Anyways. I despise that guy for getting in this list. But I have to admit.. he is an awesome actor. I don’t like him for some reason, I don’t like him in interviews. But I can’t deny that I want to watch every movie he shoots. Why? Because they’re good. Damn you Leo. 

3.  Heath Ledger
Why did you die?! Damn. He was my favourite actor ever. I can honestly say I like every movie he starred in. His smile is just so darn cheeky. But, what got me in the end… His acting abilities. He can play the craziest guy and not be Heath Ledger. When you look at the Joker, do you see Heath? No! He is the Joker. And I think it’s that way with most of his roles. He becomes the character and that is what makes those movies so believable, funny and just good.

So what’s your top 3? Why do you like your favourite men? What makes them so special?



  1. I agree with your reasoning on Heath!!
    Hmm... Not sure who my top 3 would be

  2. Umm...Matt Bomer, Jensen Ackles, and Ryan Gosling.

    I like yours too, though, Em :)