Friday, January 11, 2013

My Bookish Habits (Part 2)

This is part 2 of my bookish habits list…although it’s starting to feel more like bookish confessions ;-)

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Book buying bans don’t work for me…I find loop holes….lots of loop holes. Like buying birthday presents for others or free kindle books…they’re free so I’m technically not BUYING them right?!? And book signings…it’s very possibly the only time I’ll see such and such authors so I have to buy books to have signed, right?!!?

I cannot read up to the time I go to bed. If I do I just lay there thinking about the book and its FOREVER until I can get to sleep. I usually stop reading an hour and a half before bed.

I don’t loan books to my mom…unless I don’t plan on keeping it. She’s really forgetful so I know if I want her to read something that I’m not willing to part with I have to buy her her own copy.

I never dog ear pages, which is another reason I don’t loan books to my mom! BUT if I buy a used book and its beat up well loved then I have absolutely no problem breaking the spine a little more. In fact, sometimes I prefer reading used book so I can do just that.

I skim. If a paragraph or page doesn’t flow or is overly complicated I tend to skim over it. I think that’s why I don’t read a lot of fantasy; it feels like work to figure out the intricate world building.

I (don’t) like big books and I cannot lie. I know it’s just a mental road block but I have a hard time starting a book if it’s really long. For example, a friend convinced me to read The Gamble by Kristen Ashley and even loaned me the ebook. It ended up being a really good book but very loooong, 555 pages long. I want to continue the series but I haven’t because I KNOW the rest are as long (or longer) than the first.

I own more books than I could read in 10 years!! It’s ridiculous but I keep buying more…dang Kindle and their one click buying!!

I like to switch back and forth between ebooks and paper books. Sometimes I’ll have the same book in both formats so I’ll read it on my iPhone at work then switch to the paper book and pick up where I left off. If I see that a book is free on the Kindle I’ll ‘buy’ it even if I already have the paper copy so I can read it both ways.

I have never read any of the Harry Potter books and I don’t plan to. I’ve never seen the movies either.

My husband’s bookish habit…
Saying hi to me every ten minutes while I’m reading…or trying to show me dumb Facebook posts.

Thanks for reading!
See you next time!
Greep Jen


  1. Awesome Jen. But big books, although scary are awesome!! You get to learn so much more about everything!

  2. Love your list, Jen. I swear our husbands are twins who were separated at birth.